Morels, some local wine and a cozy front porch

My guests from the Seattle area were just getting settled in when fellow innkeeper from the Inn at Blackberry Creek called to see if I had a room available for a couple from Toronto.  They arrived moments later, tired and hungry, wondering where to have dinner.  They decided on Whitehouse Crawford and I called for their reservation.  They were eager to walk the 10 blocks after the long day in the car.

At breakfast the next morning, they were excited to share the story of their dinner.  Whitehouse Crawford had an abundance of morel mushrooms that they enjoyed as an appetizer and was willing to sell them a pound.  We decided that the Seattle couple would bring the wine and everyone would meet on the front porch at 5pm to enjoy the mushrooms. I went to Klicker’s Produce to get a Walla Walla Sweet Onion needed to saute with morels and to Olive Marketplace and Café on Main Street to get bread and cheese.  Two bottles of wine were brought to the festivities, a Cabernet Sauvignon from Otis Kenyon and a Syrah from Red River. The front porch weather could not have been better (after all it was the first day of summer!) and they enjoyed life in Walla Walla at its best.

-Penny Bingham, The Maxwell House

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