Country roads, pedal power and wine tasting

Being a casual bicycle rider I know how great it is to ride around Walla Walla but recent  guests took it to a higher level. They arrived with their cycles for a planned “power ride” before breakfast.

The following morning when I got to the kitchen to make breakfast, I was surprised to see them on the front porch waiting for coffee.  It seems our Walla Walla night life was so good they got to bed too late to get up early. Now they would be joining the others for breakfast before heading off.

So much for the “power ride!” Quickly, their plans changed to a more leisurely meander to the south of town to visit the dozen or so wineries in the area.  They spent a great day biking from winery to winery, stopping to enjoy a Mediterranean Platter on the patio at Northstar Winery. Several wineries offered to deliver their wine back to the B&B for them.

The next morning, they got in their “power ride” using the new Walla Walla Valley bike map as their guide.  On arriving back to the B&B, they exclaimed that biking is terrific in Walla Walla as the shoulders are wide, the automobile drivers are courteous and the hills, if any, are rolling.

Penny Bingham, The Maxwell House

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