Return guests are the highest compliment

Having return guests is the highest compliment for an Innkeeper.  When guests from Portland checked in for Autumn Release Weekend after having been here five times previously I was eager to hear their plans.  They do a lot of internet research and know which wineries they will visit and between us have made dinner reservations for the 3 nights. They reported each morning at breakfast what a good time they had had and what good food and great wine they had enjoyed.  They really make the most of the 3 days visiting 4 to 5 wineries each day and dining each evening at one of our fabulous restaurants, again enjoying a bottle of local wine.

They are morning walkers and made their way to Main Street before breakfast to purchase a few goodies (Bear Claws, etc) from Walla Walla Bread Company to take back home and prolong the week-end.   They travel extensively so I feel especially flattered they have made reservations for next year.

Thank you Walla Walla wineries, restaurants, shop keepers and residents for making Walla Walla such a wonderful experience for our guests.

Penny Bingham
The Maxwell House

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